People Ask Me Why I Don't Talk to People

My kids at school told me that they where headphones all the time because it is the Universal Sign for "Don't talk to me, I'm listening to my Tunes!" It occurred to me that this is how they survive in an environment that is toxic to the mind. I saw this artists rendition on Pinterest and it spoke to me. A little shopping and it relates to why I do it. Every time I talk to family, I find myself having to explain and defend mental illness. After every encounter, the same answer is given, "We don't understand." "You need to grow a thick skin." "That's because you are weak!" "Why don't you just get over it!!!"

Someone I love was Raped. They were told by these DEMONS, that it didn't happen, or it was her fault she was raped.

When they are faced with the facts, they say no, that didn't happen. These people have their own demons and are just Demons themselves. The Dutch Church Ladies said, "Good Girls Don't Get Raped!"

Give me my headphones any day.


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